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The SABIS® Alumni Global Association (SAGA) is an organization that unites graduates from all SABIS® schools. With graduates living and working around the world, SAGA includes “chapters-at- large,” which bring the benefits of membership to alumni living in the same area.

A chapter-at-large is a geographic association that allows alumni living and/or studying in the same geographic area to stay in touch. Alumni are not automatically added to a chapter-at-large; they need to join a chapter depending on their region of residence. A SABIS® alumna/alumnus or a group of graduates can submit a request to SAGA to start a chapter-at-large in their place of residence by contacting

Chapters, similar to alumni associations, can organize special interest groups within the chapter. These groups can be of a social (hiking group, Thursday night movie group, etc.) or professional (SABIS® Engineers, SABIS® Doctors, etc.) nature. Groups can then organize regular events related to their interests.

Calling all SABIS® alumni! Join a chapter-at-large in your region today!

If you are a SABIS® alumni currently living in Montreal, Canada; London, U.K.; Berlin, Germany; Sydney, Australia; Paris, France; or Dubai, U.A.E., join the chapter-at-large in your area today!

To learn more about SAGA chapters and associations, visit

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