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With over 8,000 employees in SABIS® Network schools around the world, finding and hiring the right talent is a top priority for SABIS® recruiters. In addition to recruiting eligible candidates through SABIS® Careers (, recruitment teams organize and attend job fairs.

In spring of this year, SABIS® recruiters attended numerous job fairs at top universities in Lebanon including Notre Dame University, St. Joseph University, The American University of Beirut, University of Balamand, The Lebanese American University, and The Lebanese University. They also hosted job fairs in Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Amman, and Saudi Arabia.

SABIS® booth at a university job fair in Lebanon

In the U.S., representatives from SABIS® schools attended job fairs at local colleges and universities in an effort to attract new graduates. Some schools also hosted their own job fairs on their school campus.

At job fairs, recruiters meet with individuals interested in working in the network and are able to screen a large number of candidates in brief, face-to-face interviews. Recruiters also deliver information about SABIS®, SABIS® schools, and the recruitment process.

Resonance from attendance at job fairs this year has proven to be strong for SABIS® recruiters, who have seen an increase in the number of applicants who log on to and register with SABIS® Careers within one week of job fairs.

As a growing organization, SABIS® is constantly updating and refining its strategy to ensure that it is able to find and attract talent around the world. To find out if there is a vacancy in SABIS® or in a SABIS® school in your area, visit