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SABIS® is committed to delivering a high-quality education that meets students’ needs both now and in the future. Along with helping students build a solid academic foundation, SABIS® Network schools prepare students to engage as independent, lifelong learners, a quality that is becoming more and more essential with the exponential rate of change in the world today. The SABIS® Interactive Learning System (ILS) is one of the tools developed by SABIS® and used in the network to help nurture students as independent learners.

The ILS is a learning platform that streamlines the learning process by connecting students and teachers through digital devices (tablets) in the classroom. At the start of an ILS lesson, students log in to their tablets and read through the explanation of a particular point or topic. Once they have read through the explanation, they move on to complete a set of questions associated with the point. As students in the class answer the questions, the ILS software allows teachers to actively monitor each student’s performance and take appropriate action based on real-time mastery. Equipped with the knowledge of exactly which students have accurately applied a concept and which have not, the teacher can decide to offer further explanation of the point or opt for additional examples to ensure that all students in the classroom are learning. When the teacher has established that all students in the classroom have sufficiently understood the point, he or she moves on to the next point.

“ILS promotes real-time learning and develops students’ capacities as independent learners, giving teachers on-the-spot information about individual student mastery and empowering students to be the driving force in the learning process,” explained Ghassan Kansou, SABIS® VP – Academic Development.

ILS is currently implemented in SABIS® Network schools in Lebanon and the U.A.E. in levels E through L (typically grades 3-10). To date, ILS lessons include mathematics, science, and English grammar, with the French and Arabic recently launched at the SABIS® International School – Adma in Lebanon. Plans are underway to launch ILS across the network gradually.