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SPDI Contributes to Consistency of the SABIS® Educational System

Nov 2015 #HumanResourcesAndSPDI

As a global network that operates in 16 countries on four continents, SABIS® is committed to ensuring that all schools within the network deliver consistent results. This consistency is achieved through network schools'  accurate implementation of the proven SABIS® Educational System, an effort supported by the SABIS® Professional Development Institute.

SPDI and ISR teams hard at work

The SABIS® Professional Development Institute (SPDI) plays an important role in ensuring that over 6,000 employees in schools in the network have access to ongoing training, enabling them to fully understand the goals and objectives of the SABIS® Educational System and giving them the chance to develop their knowledge and skills as professionals.  With schools out for the summer, SPDI used the time to hold a number of training sessions and workshops. 

For SABIS® Network schools located in the eastern Mediterranean, an Academic Quality Controller (AQC) training session took place over four days. The training involved AQCs from the SABIS® International School – Adma and the International School of Choueifat – Choueifat in Lebanon, the International School of Choueifat – Amman in Jordan, and Abdulaziz International School – Al-Sulaimaniah in Saudi Arabia, as well as the Cambridge School of Bucharest from Romania.

“The diversity of the people in attendance brought a lot of valuable experience and skills to the sessions, which focused on the role of an AQC and their significance to the schools in the SABIS® Network,” explained Mr. Elie Berchan, SPDI Corporate Trainer.

In Neuss, Germany, at the International School on the Rhine (ISR), a SABIS® licensee, SPDI held an across-the-board orientation for administrators, AQCs, and SABIS® Student Life Coordinator (SLC). The training took place over two days and covered a wide range of topics. SPDI explained the SABIS® philosophy and emphasized the various roles and responsibilities found in the SABIS® Network. SPDI also organized workshops that focused on themes like developing others, communicating for leadership success, and coaching for peak performance.

ISR and SPDI enjoy a group lunch during training

By helping individuals in the network to develop an understanding of the SABIS® Educational System, its roots, and implementation,  SABIS® can realize its goal of providing an outstanding education and helping all students achieve their full potential. As students around the world returned for their first day back at school, they were welcomed by teachers and staff equipped with the skills and know-how to consistently implement the SABIS® Educational System and help their students succeed.

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