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Schools in the SABIS® Network are known for offering a high-quality education that prepares students to be successful in a changing world.  To help ensure that students get the most out of their time in school, SABIS® strives to create an efficient learning environment, specifically through the meaningful use of technology. 

SABIS®’s Integrated Learning SystemTM (ILS) is one of the classroom technology solutions used in schools throughout the network.  ILS classrooms operate with tablets in the hands of each student and their teacher.  Key components of the lesson – the points to be covered for the day, instructional content, and practice questions – are delivered to students using the device.  Students study independently and ultimately complete practice questions directly on their own tablets.  All students’ responses are transmitted in real time to the teacher’s tablet so that the teacher can immediately assess student understanding and learning before deciding whether intervention is needed before moving on to the next point. 

The SABIS® ILS has been under development by SABIS® for the past few years and has been implemented in pilot programs in several network schools. “I have taught classes in the traditional way and by using the ILS,” commented on teacher in the network.  “What impresses me is the flow of information and the way I can use it on the spot to know exactly which students have understood things correctly and which ones need more explanation.”

In 2015-16, the SABIS® ILS will be rolled out in full in 15 network schools, 5 of which piloted the program in previous years.

“We know that technology is key to help increase learning efficiency and outcomes,” said Mr. Serge Bakhos, SABIS® Vice President – IT, Book Publishing, and Creative Design, “and we are excited to see the value of ILS realized in more network schools this year.”

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