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On March 19, 2015, SABIS® Vice President – Academic Development, Mr. Ghassan Kansou, represented SABIS® at the ArabNet Beirut Conference, an event highlighting the role of digital technology in education. Currently in its sixth year, the ArabNet Beirut Conference draws speakers, exhibitors, and attendees from across the MENA and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and provides a context for attendees to network and explore the latest trends in web and mobile businesses.

Invited by conference organizers to present a case study on the innovative ways SABIS® is using digital technology in the realm of education, Mr. Kansou discussed SABIS®’s commitment to staying on the cutting-edge through its use of digital technology in schools. But unlike other schools’ approach to technology, which often derails the learning process or distracts students and teachers, Mr. Kansou emphasized SABIS®’s digital strategy “as a well-thought out strategy that helps us achieve our objectives, rather than simply and randomly introducing IT tools for the sake of it.” By taking this approach, SABIS® ensures that any technology used in the network adds value and enhances the learning process. 

In his 30-minute presentation, Mr. Kansou also highlighted various digital tools that have been developed by SABIS®.  These included SABIS® E-books, Interactive Whiteboards, and several applications that are currently in use in SABIS® Network schools around the world.

"SABIS® is at the forefront of education in the Middle East, so it was a natural choice to invite Mr. Kansou to discuss the network’s experience in digital education,” explained Mr. Omar Christidis, CEO of ArabNet. “The idea to replace printed books with digital content on computers and tablets is very much in line with the way the whole world is moving. It shows how educational systems can introduce transformative technologies that rethink the entire mode of educational delivery.”

“The fact that we were invited to speak at this event is testament to SABIS®’s success in crafting and implementing a digital education strategy that ultimately serves the best interest of each and every one of our students,” said Kansou.

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