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Feb 2015 #SabisAlumniGlobalAssociation

The SABIS® Alumni Global Association (SAGA) is an organization that is dedicated to reaching out to graduates from SABIS® Network schools around the world.  Since 2011, SAGA has been providing alumni with support, services, and activities that are essential in order to maintain friendships formed at school.

ISR alumni enjoying connecting with their friends from school

Throughout the SABIS® Network, a number of SAGA chapters organized reunions in 2014. The International School on the Rhine (ISR), in Neuss, Germany, organized its annual alumni reception in December 2014. The reception was attended by alumni, teachers, and administrators. ISR alumni had the opportunity to reconnect with former teachers and classmates, get updates about SAGA, and rekindle friendships.  Another school from the network also held its annual  reception dinner in December 2014. Thirty (30) alumni from past graduating classes joined teachers and administrators for the 7th annual alumni reception at the ISF Internationale Schule Frankfurt-Rhein-Main (ISF) in Germany.

“ISF is proud that we now have 499 graduates located throughout the world. The ISF chapter of SAGA is, as always, busy trying to reach out to and establish contact with as many of those 499 alumni as possible through its group page on Facebook and through the organization of annual alumni events,”  explained Mr. Angus Slesser, ISF School Director explained.

Annual alumni reunions in the network also served to engage soon-to-be-alumni in discussions with current alumni.  At Ruwais Private School in Ruwais, U.A.E., the graduating Class of 2015 was invited to a SAGA dinner. Highlights of the evening included a presentation by the school’s Student Life Coordinator and university advisor, a discussion session with the senior Academic Quality Controller, and a motivational speech by the school’s director. The dinner is an annual event hosted by the school to introduce the graduating class to SAGA and explain its many benefits.

ISF alumni at the 7th annual alumni reception

A SAGA event at the International School of Choueifat – Al Ain (ISC-Al Ain) in coordination with the SABIS Student Life Organization® (SLO®) was another event that showcased the benefits of SAGA to current seniors. As part of the event, seniors were walked through the SAGA University Application, an online application that guides graduating students through the university application process.

SAGA strives to be a platform for graduates from SABIS® Network schools to enjoy their alumni experience. The number of graduates from the SABIS® Network worldwide is growing and so is the SABIS® Alumni Global Association. The association’s benefits, services, and activities encourage former students to renew the ties and friendships they formed during their time at school.

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