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The SABIS® Educational System has a long history of generating meaningful data that is used to monitor the learning process and ensure efficiency.  In keeping with a commitment to remaining on the cutting-edge of data generation, access, and use in SABIS® Network schools, SABIS® recently took the final steps to set up a secure disaster recovery site.

The role of the disaster recovery site is to ensure against the possible loss of data as a result of natural disasters such as floods, tornadoes, and earthquakes by backing up all data and applications in a remote location. In the unfortunate event of a natural disaster, the disaster recovery site, located in the U.K., allows all systems, data, copyright information, communications, and live applications to be restored.

SABIS® IT systems have become increasingly vital to the smooth operation of the organization.  As such, the need to ensure the continuous operation of these systems and their rapid recovery, when necessary, is essential as it ensures business continuity,” explained Mr. Serge Bakhos, SABIS® Vice President ? IT, Book Publishing, and Creative Design.

The process of developing a disaster recovery plan was an arduous one that involved a significant investment of time and resources, particularly the selection of the site’s physical location.  The choice of the U.K. as the location for the disaster recovery site was based on several factors including its strategic location, optimal environment, and the rich infrastructure available.

For students, parents, and staff in SABIS® Network schools, the establishment of the new disaster recovery site brings with it an assurance of “business as usual” regardless of what natural disasters may occur. Data will be continuously available to everyone involved in the learning process whether in the classroom or through WebSchool. 

In a world increasingly dependent on data, it has become essential to protect information from being lost in the face of disaster.  SABIS® is working actively to formalize control measures to deal with any technical threat the organization may encounter.  Through the implementation of the new disaster recovery solution, SABIS® can do just that and ensure that data is available 24/7.