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Aug 2016 #SabisAlumniGlobalAssociation

The SABIS® Alumni Global Association (SAGA) unites all graduates from schools in the global SABIS® Network. It currently has 7,500 registered alumni worldwide and is growing rapidly.

With the number of registered members increasing by 30% annually, new and existing members are enjoying the many benefits offered by SAGA.

SAGA members have the chance to connect with people from all over the globe. They can stay connected through SAGA’s specialized mobile application, which notifies them about nearby SAGA members. Through this application, members who are new to a country can get advice on a range of topics including employment or business opportunities from members who reside there.

SAGA also brings its members together on a regular basis through social events such as lunch gatherings, outdoor activities, and gala dinners. These events present opportunities for members and their families to meet and reminisce about school days or form new friendships. In addition, SAGA members, according to their chapters, benefit from discounts and deals at local restaurants and shops.

On a professional level, SAGA offers specialized development seminars exclusively for alumni who are seeking to improve their professional presence in the sector they work in. SAGA also shares new positions opening within the global SABIS® Network. Further, SAGA is currently working to incorporate vacancies at organizations outside of SABIS®, thus giving alumni exposure to a broader range of employment opportunities.

SAGA’s mission is to create a dynamic, global forum that provides opportunities for SABIS® Network school alumni to connect with each other. Its objectives are to provide graduates with a platform to maintain ties to their respective SABIS® Network schools and to offer opportunities for socializing, networking, and career growth.

To learn more about SAGA, go to or follow SAGA on Facebook at

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