SABIS® Releases New Titles in the SABIS® Book Series

Sep 2014 #Academics
New titles in the SABIS® Book Series

SABIS® Vice President, Academic Development, Mr. Ghassan Kansou, explains: “A number of the books within the series were revised in order to meet new Common Core State Standards (CCSS) [in the U.S.]. As education bodies around the world update their curricula, we at SABIS® are able to meet the new requirements quickly and effectively.”

In addition to textbooks revised for the new CCSS, SABIS® has also updated the world languages series. Although the language of instruction in all member schools is English, the SABIS® Educational System emphasizes world languages as part of its rigorous curriculum. All students in SABIS® member schools learn a second language, in addition to English. The SABIS® Book Series reflects this requirement and includes a number of titles that ensure that students learn and master a second language. This year, SABIS® has updated its Spanish, French, Arabic, and Kurdish titles to ensure that students can meet the requirements of state and national exams.

The SABIS® Book Series currently includes more than 1,800 titles in seven languages, namely English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Kurdish, Portuguese, and the universal language of mathematics.

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