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SABIS® Begins Introducing E-Books in Member Schools

Sep 2014 #InformationTechnology

As an industry-leader in the use of technology in education, SABIS® is committed to ongoing research and development of new ways to enhance the learning process and improve student outcomes.  In line with this commitment, in 2012 SABIS® began a long-term project to develop E-books for use in member schools.  Now, in the third year of the project, the organization is poised to roll out E-books on a limited scale in the network.

SABIS® E-books are not simply digitalized versions of the over 1800 titles in the SABIS® Book Series. The SABIS® E-book series goes beyond this content to include interactive digital features such as animations, videos, audio recordings, glossaries, and hyperlinks to enhance the learning process while, at the same time, maintain the efficiency and integrity of the traditional book format.

The long-term E-book project was designed to include thorough development and pilot phases. Extensive development work was done in year 1, and in the 2013-14 academic year, the fruits of development were piloted in selected member schools.

During the pilot phase, over 80 students in Level K (equivalent of Grade 9) and 11 teachers at SIS-Adma in Lebanon were given tablets to access E-books covering all subjects in that grade,” explained Ms. Brigitte Matar, Head of Book Publishing Department at SABIS® Educational Services. “The feedback from students and teachers alike was extremely positive and helped guide our efforts in improving and streamlining the overall E-book experience.”  She continued, “Now, we are poised to implement phase one of the roll-out plan.  During this phase, SABIS® will introduce E-books in levels E, G, and K (grades 3, 5, and 9) in SABIS® International School - Adma, the International School of Choueifat - Choueifat, the International School of Choueifat - Dubai, and International School of Choueifat - Abu Dhabi.”

During phase one of the roll-out, participating schools will provide SABIS® with feedback based on their students’ experience with the tool.  SABIS® will, in turn, use the feedback to fine-tune the E-books at these grade levels and continue development work on E-books at other grade levels. 

Students using E-books in class

Parents and students at member schools participating in the phase one roll-out have received information about the required technical devices (tablet) for each student and will be informed by their school’s administration two weeks in advance of the roll-out. 

Watch future issues of the SABIS® Newsletter for continued updates on the SABIS® E-book project.

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