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Homegrown Talent: An Enabler of Excellence

Sep 2014 #HumanResourcesAndSPDI

As a successful, global organization on a growth path, SABIS® is committed to identifying and developing strategies to effectively facilitate expansion. One central strategy is to develop promising employees and prepare them to take on new positions as opportunities arise.

“Homegrown talent is a crucial enabler of excellence,” explained Mr. Joe Achkar, SABIS® Group Vice President – Organization Development. “Discovering talent within our network, identifying their strengths and their development needs, and investing in these needs is, in the long run, a guarantee that as we grow we will deploy the right people quickly and without significant disruption to the organization.”

At SABIS®, the effective development of high potential employees goes beyond professional development programs.  It includes self-directed learning, on-the-job development, mentoring, and coaching as well as assignments, projects, and job rotation as a means to challenge and motivate individuals.

“The SABIS® School Network includes over 5,500 individuals who are employed in member schools and regional and corporate offices,” stated Mr. Achkar.  “That is 5,500 people who each possess unique strengths and talents.  By tapping into that talent pool and actively developing people’s skills, SABIS® can effectively meet current needs as well as fuel growth on the horizon.”

Examples of talent development abound in the network, which educates close to 65,000 students in schools located in 15 countries on four continents.  Take Mr. Stephan Kleynhans as one example among many. Kleynhans started working at the International School of Choueifat – City of 6 October in Egypt in 2005 as an economics and business studies teacher. In 2006, he became the Student Life Coordinator at ISC-City of 6 October. SABIS® and local school administrators quickly identified Kleynhans as an individual who had both the potential and desire to take on more responsibility.  Over his nine years in the network, he was promoted to the Project Coordinator – Student Life, and most recently, he was moved into the position of Acting Director at the International School of Choueifat – Erbil in Kurdistan, Iraq, where he will be leading the school’s 2000-strong community in the implementation of the SABIS® Educational System. 

Looking to the future, with new member schools in the works in various parts of the world including the U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Panama, and Brazil, SABIS® is committed to growing its human resources, one of its strengths as a network, so that the organization can continue to bring a top-quality education to an increasing number of students around the globe.

To explore opportunities for growth within the SABIS® School Network, speak with your school’s HR Officer. To view job vacancies in the network, visit

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