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Coming close on the heels of the announcement of plans to open a school in Panama, SABIS® has also announced plans to enter the Brazilian market. The rapid growth of the Brazilian economy and an increasing demand for high-quality private education make Brazil a viable option for expansion plans in Latin America.

“Based on our market research, the SABIS® Educational System, with its established curriculum, innovative teaching methods, and solid student academic performance, is well-suited to the private school market in Brazil,” explained a senior member of the SABIS® Business Development Department.

In preparation for entry into the Brazilian market, SABIS® is currently in the process of developing corporate as well as academic material in Portuguese, the national language spoken in Brazil. On the corporate level, SABIS® will launch a Portuguese language version of its website in February 2014. “In a new market where we are building our image and our brand, it is imperative that we communicate with stakeholders in their native tongue,” explained Ms. Rita Sakr, Project Coordinator – Portuguese, Spanish, and Latin American Team. “The new website that we are building shares information about SABIS®, our history, philosophy, mission, and core values in Portuguese,” she explained.

More than making the SABIS® website available in Portuguese, the entire SABIS® Book Series is also being translated into the language.  Central to the SABIS® Educational System, the SABIS® Book Series includes books for students in Kindergarten through high school in all subjects including math, social studies, the sciences, and art. All SABIS® Books are designed to dovetail with the SABIS® curriculum and follow the SABIS Point System® of teaching. Every school in the global SABIS® School Network uses SABIS® Books to deliver the comprehensive and rigorous SABIS® curriculum. The new SABIS® Book Series in Portuguese will join the complete series of books already available in English, French, Spanish, Kurdish, and Arabic to meet the needs of SABIS® member schools in North America, Central America, Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. 

“The ability of SABIS® to develop and adapt its curriculum and educational material to suit the needs of each new market it enters is what sets SABIS® apart,” explained Mr. Ghassan Kansou, SABIS® VP – Academic Development. “Wherever SABIS® member schools operate in the world, the SABIS® Educational System has proven its adaptability, transferability, and success. The bottom line is that everyone wants a top-quality education, and this is what we deliver.” 

For more information on SABIS®’s expansion into Central and South America, watch future newsletters or follow us on Twitter @SABIS_EDUCATION.