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SABIS® Welcomes Official Delegations

Jul 2019 #HeadlineNews

SABIS® often welcomes high-profile delegations at the Ralph A. Bistany Research and Development Center in Adma, Lebanon, as well as at its network of schools around the world. Delegations include high-ranking officials who, having heard about SABIS®, come to witness the SABIS® system in action and discuss the SABIS® pedagogy.

One recent example was a visit by a delegation from the Kenyan Ministry of Education Standards and Quality Assurance Council in April 2019. The delegation visited the SABIS® offices in Lebanon to learn more about the organization and discuss curriculum development and educational tools with senior members of the SABIS® management team. The impetus for the trip stemmed from the Kenyan government’s efforts to reform public school curriculum and their positive impression of the SABIS® educational standards after having visited the SABIS® International School in Runda.

Kenyan Ministry of Education delegation and several SABIS® employees at the SABIS® offices in Lebanon


Later that month, a delegation from the Kenyan Military, accompanied by the Honorary Consul of Kenya in Lebanon, Mr. Sayed Chalouhi, were invited to tour the head office in Adma and learned more about the SABIS® Educational System™, the SABIS® Book Series, and SABIS® proprietary IT tools used to enhance the learning experience in the classroom.

“We were extremely impressed by the level of professionalism that we witnessed today at SABIS®.The commitment to providing a top-quality education to students is evident and the research and development that goes on behind the scenes in order to support SABIS® schools, teachers, and students is impressive,” commented Mr. Sayed Chalouhi, Honorary Consul of Kenya in Lebanon.

Both Kenyan delegations also enjoyed a visit to the SABIS® International School – Adma, where they saw everything they had heard about transformed into real-life classroom practice.

Also in April, the Leila C. Saad SABIS® School El-Metn, a tuition-free, private school for low-income families in Lebanon, was honored to welcome a high-profile delegation that included Lebanese Ministers Gebran Bassil, Elias Bou Saab, and Fadi Abboud as well as Members of Parliament Nicolas Sehnaoui, Edgard Maalouf, Edhgard Traboulsi, Roger Azar, and Hikmat Deeb. The delegation toured the school, met with SLO® prefects, visited the classrooms, and witnessed a Shadow Teacher® in action. The delegation was extremely impressed by the SABIS® model implemented at the Leila C. Saad School.

In addition to these official delegations, SABIS® was also honored to welcome Christopher A. Crane, CEO of Edify, a nonprofit social enterprise that makes small business loans to schools educating impoverished children in Africa and Latin America. Mr. Crane’s visit was part of a tour to better understand various approaches to educating those who are most marginalized in society. Mr. Crane met with SABIS® President Carl Bistany as well as a number of senior members of the SABIS® management team. He also enjoyed a tour of the Leila C. Saad School El-Metn.

As an organization that is known for offering a top-quality education to students in both the private and public sectors around the world, SABIS® is always honored to share its expertise, successes, and challenges faced in this ever-evolving sector. These visits are also an outstanding opportunity for SABIS® to share the successes of SABIS® students around the globe.

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