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New Interactive Simulation Concepts Developed to Raise Student Engagement

Jul 2019 #InformationTechnology

SABIS® is committed to providing its students with innovative educational tools that not only reinforce the learning experience, but also make it more stimulating and engaging.

One of the latest innovations explored by SABIS® is interactive simulation, which involves creating life-like experiences through the integration of 2D and 3D digital information in response to the user’s actions in real-time. By enabling students to learn much more than static concepts and abstract content, student motivation is increased and conceptual understanding is heightened.

SABIS® plans to gradually integrate interactive simulations into its dynamic educational system, having already developed a simulation on the circular flow of income through which students actively learn about the flow of money in various economies. Recently, three new simulations were developed with an increased level of interactivity. These cover mental math, electromagnetism, and logic gates and circuits. Every simulation is comprised of four main sections: “Learning Objectives,” which list the learning outcomes; “Instructions,” which guide the student through the steps; “Test Your Knowledge,” which helps the student apply what he/she has just learned; and “Feedback,” which displays the student’s performance results.

Check out these short videos that demonstrate the use of interactive simulations in SABIS® classrooms:




The use of advanced technologies such as interactive simulations in education broadens possibilities and plays a significant role in increasing student engagement. To that end, SABIS® will continually introduce new interactive material for students to enjoy.

Watch future SABIS® newsletters to read about upcoming developments.

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