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SABIS® Earns Worldwide Re-Accreditation

Jul 2019 #HeadlineNews

SABIS® has a long-standing reputation for seeking continual improvement. This commitment ensures that the SABIS® Educational System™ and all the schools that implement it remain in a position to provide their students with an education that helps them keep up in a rapidly changing world.  SABIS®’s commitment to continual improvement as reflected in the dynamic SABIS® system receives external validation every five years through a corporate re-accreditation cycle that involves AiAccreditation International (Ai), a global accrediting body that seeks to enhance the educational dynamics of the 21st century and increase effective student outcomes. To provide even greater scope and perspective, Ai co-accredits SABIS® and SABIS® Network schools with Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA).

Ai/MSA site visit team at the Ralph A. Bistany Research & Development Center in Lebanon. Pictured from left:  Amy Wesley, SABIS® Executive Director; Jesse Haines, Ai Associate Executive Director; Dan Rufo, MSA Director of Accreditation; Dr. Don Petry, Ai President; Carl Bistany, SABIS® President; Clayton Petry, Ai Executive Director


From March 25-29, 2019, a 4-person site visit team from Ai and MSA met with a SABIS® corporate review team at SABIS® Educational Services in Adma, Lebanon. The team listened to presentations from key individuals in charge of IT and Academic Development and reviewed documents in support of SABIS®’s self-study, which was submitted to Ai prior to the visit.  The self-study included a strategic business plan, a description of the educational delivery model implemented in SABIS® Network schools, and an overview of quality control. The report assisted the site visit team in understanding the SABIS® Educational System™ and assessing its ability to fulfill Ai’s 12 Accreditation Standards for Corporations.

Based on the information gained through the self-study and site visit, the visiting accreditation team commended SABIS® on its educational model. Dr. Don Petry, President of Ai-Accreditation International commented: "SABIS® provides one the most outstanding models for international education today.  SABIS® schools are some of the highest academically performing schools in the world.  Further, they have an outstanding leadership program – the SABIS Student Life Organization® – that reaches all students.  SABIS® is a model of superiority among all schools in the world."

Corporate accreditation from Ai and MSA opens the door for all SABIS® Network schools to pursue and maintain accreditation.  Already members of a strong, successful network of schools, SABIS® Network schools that are accredited by Ai and MSA can enjoy the benefits of international recognition of school quality, accountability, and validation of the presence of an effective, continuous improvement process.

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