Introduces New Academic Summer Packages

Jul 2019 #Academics

As an industry-leader in the use of technology in education, SABIS® is committed to ongoing research and the development of new ways to enhance the learning process and improve student outcomes. In line with this commitment, this summer SABIS® is launching a pilot project titled Summer Packages.

A new undertaking in SABIS®, Summer Packages is an optional, online learning program that can be accessed by students through the SABIS® Digital Platform during their summer break. Upon accessing the program, students can choose from a variety of short, interactive lessons that are focused on the core subjects of math, English, science, and world languages. The lessons include interactive, digital feature-like animations and videos to enhance the learning process. The modules are intended to engage students for only 30 minutes per day and are designed so that students can work independently without necessarily needing supervision.

The purpose behind the Summer Packages is to provide students with a new and independent way to stay up-to-date on what they have learned in the previous academic year as well as prepare them for the upcoming year.

A sample from the Summer Packages


“Three months is a long time for students not to exercise their minds; hence, with the aim of remaining academically stimulated over the summer, the Summer Packages aim to provide students with the opportunity to review important subject matter covered during the academic year in an accessible, fun, and engaging way,” explained Roy Bistany, Academic Operations Manager at SABIS®.

SABIS® continuously strives to provide students with new and updated tools to support and improve their learning experience. By making the Summer Packages available to all students in the network, SABIS® ensures that students have the option to continue working to improve their academic standards and never become complacent.

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