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Positive Parenting Seminar Welcomed by the Community

Jul 2019 #HeadlineNews

For the first time ever, SABIS® International School – Adma (SIS-Adma) in Lebanon held a series of seminars designed exclusively for SABIS® parents. During the months of March, April, and May, the school invited parents to workshops designed to inform them about topics relevant to their life and the lives of their children.

SIS-Adma parents enjoy an exclusive series on positive parenting


The seminars, entitled “Staying Ahead with Positive Parenting,” were conducted by subject experts and professionals and were attended by close to 60 parents. Topics included Parenting the Mindful Child, Effects of Screen Time & Cyberspace Safety, Childhood Obesity, and Raising Awareness about Substance Abuse.

The first seminar, titled Parenting the Mindful Child, was led by psychologist, life and parenting coach, and cognitive behavioral therapist Maya Hawa who helped parents identify different parenting styles and children’s personalities. By the end of the session, parents had learned valuable information on raising a mindful child, building resilience, and helping children develop healthy self-esteem.

“Nowadays, we all surf the Internet for any issues that may arise with our children; however, I believe that the professionals’ experience and the tips that were provided during the sessions have been indisputably beneficial.”

– Cherine Nawfal, SIS-Adma parent

Effects of Screen Time & Cyberspace Safety was presented by a non-governmental organization (NGO) that is currently working toward educating, empowering, and connecting parents as they engage in their children’s development. In this seminar, parents spent time learning about the effects of screen time on their children and acquiring other important knowledge about being a parent in The Digital Age.

The third seminar addressed childhood obesity. Parents listened to expert advice from a clinical dietician and nutrition consultant on the different ways of ensuring a healthy lifestyle for their children. The seminar addressed obesity and its effects on children, the importance of encouraging physical activity, how to identify hidden sugars in food, and designing the perfect meal.  Parents left knowing how to incorporate healthy habits and meal planning into their family’s everyday lives.

The last seminar tackled the topic of substance abuse. An NGO that specializes in substance abuse and recovery delivered a session on how to recognize signs and symptoms of drug use. This was followed by a personal, heartfelt testimonial from a guest from the NGO whose child had previously struggled with drugs. He talked about his personal experiences and about the importance of communicating with children from an early age to help prevent substance abuse.

“I want to express my appreciation to SIS-Adma, for the inspiring presentation last week on substance abuse.  The story told by the guest speaker was one of the most powerful and memorable speeches I’ve heard in a long time.”

– Tamar Aprahamian, SIS-Adma parent

At SABIS®, we believe parents are an important part of the community of learners. Parents reinforce the school’s performance and behavior expectations and provide a home environment that supports learning. By hosting valuable seminars like these ones, SIS-Adma is helping parents stay ahead and giving them the necessary knowledge, skills, and experiences, they need to help support and guide their children in today’s rapidly changing world.

If you would like to learn more about SABIS® International School – Adma, visit sisadma.sabis.net.  

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