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Jul 2019 #AlumniInTheSpotlight

As we all well know, parents only want what's best for their children. They want to provide them with the best chance for success and the best opportunities, which means that choosing the right school is a priority. As a network of schools that offers just that — a top-quality education that prepares students for success in college and beyond — it is not surprising that SABIS® schools around the world have educated several generations of family members. 

These are just a few of the “Generations at SABIS®” who have shared their experience with us.


Chantal Lahad, ISC-Abu Dhabi, Class of 1998 & Malek El Khoury, ISC-Doha, Class of 2029

“I spent 12 years of my school life at ISC-Abu Dhabi. In 1998, I was accepted at the American University in Beirut and later graduated with a BA in Early Childhood Education. When I later married and moved to Doha, Qatar, the only school I applied to for work was ISC-Doha. To me this was my home, my familiarity, a school, and a system that I grew up with and knew so well from the bottom of my heart. I was offered the job as AQC for grades 1 and 2.

The reason I chose to put my son at a SABIS® school is because I know SABIS® offers a high-quality education that will give him a wider choice and better chances at university eventually. The world has become such a competitive place; challenges are increasing day after day. From the beginning of his foundation levels at the infant school, all the way to graduating from SABIS®, my son will gain the skills and knowledge needed to face all these challenges in his future, and he will be better prepared for what is yet to come.” – Chantal Lahad


Dina Massoud, ISC-Abu Dhabi, Class of 1989 & Mazen Ibrahim, ISC-Dubai, Class of 2018

SABIS® taught me a lot of things. Among those things, it taught me how to deal with life and prepared me to deal with any problems I may face. I wanted my kids to have the same experience, so that is why I enrolled them at a SABIS® school. Both of my sons graduated from ISC-Dubai, one in 2013 and the youngest in 2018. The eldest is studying Engineering and the youngest is studying Business Administration. I believe that ISC-Dubai taught them how to deal with life. Their education prepared them for university, and I am very proud that they both graduated from this school. I really look forward to my grandchildren graduating from SABIS® too!” – Dina Massoud

To listen to Dina's full testimonial, watch this video: 


Hamad Hamad, ISC-Choueifat, Class of 1998; Nadine Hamad, ISC-Abu Dhabi, Class of 2029; & Karine Hamad, ISC-Abu Dhabi, Class of 2031

“I had a strong upbringing at ISC-Choueifat, where I developed my academic and social abilities, both of which helped me get into a renowned university. After ISC-Choueifat, I attended the American University of Beirut (AUB) and majored in Civil Engineering. Upon graduation, the AUB alumni combined with SABIS®’ international presence and reputation helped in reinforcing my CV and improved my prospects for work overseas in the U.A.E. I believe that the SABIS® academic program builds very capable students and improves their chances of success in university and their professional careers. The hard work pays off. I chose SABIS® for my children because I want that added advantage for them.” – Hamad Hamad


Nihal Ibrahim Beheri, ISC-Abu Dhabi, Class of 2004 & Tala Ahmed Kamal, ISC-Cairo, Class of 2032

“It is always easy to spot a SABIS® graduate. At ISC-Abu Dhabi, I received the best quality education given by the best teachers. The SABIS® Educational System™ is the strongest academic system. That is why I chose the International School of Choueifat – Cairo, a SABIS® school, for my daughter. I know she will receive the same quality of education that I did and will have a strong foundation of knowledge for her to be able to succeed in her future.” – Nihal Ibrahim Beheri


Samira Jaafar, ISC-Choueifat, Class of 2002; Hamieh Hamieh, ISC-Doha, Class of 2032; & Triplets Ali Jabal, Cattleya, and Carine Hamieh, Class of 2036

“I strongly believe in SABIS®’ rich and high-standard education and system. I have chosen SABIS® for my son, and later will choose it for his younger siblings because I have personally experienced the great foundation I have gained as a student at SABIS®. The distinguished results I achieved at university were due to my SABIS® education. My grandfather chose SABIS® for his sons, my father chose it for me and my siblings, and now I am choosing it for my children.” – Samira Jaafar


Sara Hamdi, ISC-Abu Dhabi, Class of 2000; Salma Fathi, ISC-6 October, Class of 2027; & Zeina Fathi, ISC-6 October, Class of 2028

“My school experience was fantastic! I am a determined and responsible person thanks to my upbringing at SABIS®.  I wanted a system I could trust blindly for my own daughters. SABIS® runs in my blood, so it was only natural that it would run in my daughters’ as well.” – Sara Hamdi

Thank you Chantal Lahad, Dina Massoud, Hamad Hamad, Nihal Ibrahim Beheri, Samira Jaafar, and Sara Hamdi for sharing your stories with us!

If you are part of a multi-generation family that attended a SABIS® school, we would love to hear from you! Please contact us on

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