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SABIS® Teams with UNICEF to Educate Refugee Children

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In keeping with its commitment to change the world through education, SABIS® signed an agreement with the United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF) on June 14, 2017, to implement an innovative strategy using E-learning to enable better access to quality education for Syrian refugee children living in Kurdistan. While local authorities in Kurdistan had welcomed refugees, the government’s capacity to respond to rising needs was stretched. Additionally, providing education to refugees in the more remote areas posed a serious challenge.

In response to the refugee crisis in Kurdistan, UNICEF launched the “Interactive Learning Outreach Initiative,” which is designed to help educate over 50,000 refugee children currently in Iraq with little or no access to formal education. Committed to making a difference in the communities where it operates, SABIS® partnered with UNICEF to bring its expertise in the field of education to the table.

Syrian refugee children attend the Duhok E-Learning Center

The first of three E-learning centers opened on September 26, 2017. Located in Duhok, Kurdistan, the UNICEF/SABIS® Refugee E-Learning Center - Duhok accommodates 100 primary, school-aged Syrian refugees in classes three times per week, during which time facilitators/moderators hired from within the refugee community assist students by reviewing their work and planning for the next modules and assignments. Using learning devices (tablets) loaded with SABIS® proprietary curriculum materials and accompanied by fully interactive SABIS® E-books and regular assessments, students complete courses in English, Arabic, and math and receive certificates of completion indicating their mastery of the content.

SABIS® pleased to announce opening of 1st E-learning Center for refugee children

Two additional E-Learning centers that can each accommodate 100 refugee students will be opening in Suleimaniah and Erbil in October 2017.

As an industry-leading organization, SABIS® is committed to the practice of social responsibility, a message that it models and promotes in all of the network’s member schools. SABIS® is proud to partner with UNICEF on this initiative to help educate Syrian refugee children in Kurdistan. Providing opportunities for these children to access primary education will ensure that they are prepared to make positive contributions to society both now and in the future.

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