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As a leader in the education industry, SABIS® is committed to ongoing research and development of new technologies that can enhance the learning experience and prepare students for future success. Past technologies that have become part of the educational experience for SABIS® students include Interactive White Boards, E-Books, and the SABIS® Digital Platform. Today, SABIS® is exploring a new technology that is poised to join those from the past in impacting student engagement and learning. It is Augmented Reality (AR).

AR is a technology that allows users to perceive the world around them with virtual images superimposed to create a composite view. This technology is already being used in gaming, sports, health, business, and architecture. A simple example of AR is the yellow line that appears on television screens during a game of American football, which makes it easier for TV viewers to follow play on the field.

SABIS® views AR as an exciting development with important applications in education. Through AR technology, students can learn, perceive, and create like never before. Teaching abstract concepts like gravity, force fields, and even human anatomy will become much more interactive and give students access to a whole new dimension.

Augmented Reality making its way into SABIS® classrooms soon!

SABIS® plans to introduce AR through an application in the SABIS® E-books. The application works with carefully inserted triggers that can be added to posters, books, cards, etc. and are invisible to the naked eye. When the camera application meets these triggers, it activates a video or other digital material that will complement the student’s learning process. With a new perspective on the material and access to this additional dimension, students will be able to interact with and, therefore, more effectively retain the material they are learning in the classroom. For example, students studying about the digestive tract will be able to point their camera at a trigger and watch a video that demonstrates the actual movement of food through the body.

Watch the video below to get a glimpse of AR in action:


Augmented Reality is an exciting technological development that has broad application in the world of education. With a plan to integrate AR into its E-books, SABIS® continues to show its commitment to research and development and pass the benefits onto teachers and students in SABIS® schools around the world. Keep reading our newsletter for updates on this exciting new project!