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Every year, the SABIS® offices in Lebanon offer internship opportunities to university students who are looking for work experience to build their CVs. The successful internship program, which has been running for seven years, allows soon-to-be graduates the opportunity to refine their skills and gain the experience they need when applying for jobs in a competitive job market.

This summer, for a period of two months, a total of 27 interns gained valuable work experience at SABIS® in a number of areas including software development, academic development, and creative design. Interns in the IT Software Development Department assisted the team in testing and enhancing the E-book mobile application and the Management Console Website. In the Academic Development Division, interns assisted the team in developing Interactive White Board (IWB) material, Integrated Learning System® (ILS®) lessons, and researching E-book projects. In the Creative Design Department, interns worked on designing social media posts, developing concepts for numerous websites, software development applications, and other tasks related to design and web development. Last but not least, a number of interns worked on the On-Demand Tutoring (ODT) project by preparing and recording academic tutorial videos that students can access to study at their own pace.

SABIS® opened its doors to 27 interns over the summer

Interns pose for a photo with some of the staff at SABIS® in Lebanon

Feedback from the interns who participated in the internship program was extremely positive:

“I want to thank SABIS® […] I have gained valuable insight into the industry over the past two months and I had the chance to observe numerous aspects of the development team. The staff was extremely welcoming and helpful and offered me great career advice.” – Jean Khoury

“Interning at SABIS® gave me a glimpse of the corporate environment: work under the pressure of deadlines, employee hierarchy, and colleague dynamics. My take-aways from the experience were the values of patience and discipline.” – Stephanie Farah

"Being a part of the team at SABIS® was one of the best experiences of my life – even if it was just an internship. SABIS® taught me several things that are beneficial for my career. Working with the English Department was very educational. I learned how to work under pressure, work professionally, and be creative.” – Sandy Karam

As an organization that is constantly evolving, SABIS® offers a platform for soon-to-be-graduates to gain the foundation they need to enter the workforce with confidence after graduation. Through the internship program, SABIS® is also able to identify and source potential candidates for open positions in the future.

If you are interested in applying for an internship at SABIS® in Lebanon, visit during the months of April and May to view available internship positions.