The Value-Added of the SABIS® Bilingual Book Series

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The SABIS® Educational System™ is a comprehensive, K-12 educational program implemented in SABIS® Network schools around the globe. The system includes curriculum, instruction and support materials, and assessments for all subjects at all grade levels.  Among the instructional materials at the heart of the system is the SABIS® Book Series, which includes over 2,000 titles.

As the language of instruction in all SABIS® Network schools is English, the majority of titles within the SABIS® Book Series, with the exception of second and third language books, are developed and produced in English. However, in order to meet the needs of students in SABIS® Network schools located in countries where English is not the native language, several titles in the SABIS® Book Series are available in a bilingual format. In total, currently 212 bilingual titles exist for use in mathematics and the sciences.  In the bilingual books, every page of the English version faces a translated version on the opposite page in one of six languages (French, Arabic, Spanish, Kurdish, Portuguese, or Russian) in order to help students new to the English language achieve fluency at a faster rate.

The bilingual book series allows students to follow each lesson in both English and their native tongue until they become fluent in English and are able to follow classroom instruction easily.

    A math lesson mirrored in English and Spanish from a SABIS® bilingual textbook

“We plan on expanding the bilingual series in the future as the network expands," said Mr. Ghassan Kansou, SABIS® VP - Academic Development.  "For example, we recently added bilingual books in Portuguese and Russian in preparation for the opening of schools in Brazil and Kazakhstan."

With the right tools, any student can and should succeed at school.

The SABIS® bilingual book series is an essential tool that ensures that non-native English-speaking students have the tools they need to succeed. If you would like to know more about the SABIS® Book Series, visit

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