SABIS® U.S. Regional Center: Positioning Schools for Success

Oct 2016 #Academics

As an organization that has an active presence in 20 countries on five continents, SABIS® places great importance on delivering a high-quality education to all students.  To ensure quality across borders, SABIS® Network schools are supported by four regional centers, including one in the U.S.   Although SABIS® Regional Centers around the world provide support in a wide range of areas including finance, marketing, and operations, among others, each Regional Center’s main focus is on academics.

The academic team at the U.S. Regional Center is comprised of experienced and committed professionals who are dedicated to empowering students enrolled in SABIS® U.S. public charter schools and helping them achieve their full potential.  The U.S. academic team includes program coordinators in all academic subjects. These subject specialists and their teams work with the SABIS® Academic Development Division in Lebanon to update the curriculum and SABIS® teaching materials so that the system is aligned with state and Common Core standards. Program coordinators also monitor academic performance in their subject areas across all schools in the region and liaise with administrators at each school to ensure that students stay on track to achieve their full potential and in their preparation for state examinations and graduation.

Group of U.S. Regional Center staff pose for a photo with Mr. Ghassan Kansou, SABIS® VP - Academic Development, and Mr. George Saad, SABIS® VP - U.S. Operations

The consistent implementation of the SABIS® Educational System™ by teachers and administrators is key to keeping students and schools on track. As such, the academic team at the U.S. Regional Center is actively involved in supporting staff at each school.  Regional Academic Quality Controllers (RAQCs) engage in remote and in-person classroom observations to make sure that the SABIS® Educational System™ is implemented correctly in every classroom.  RAQCs offer professional guidance to teachers who may be struggling and also work with school directors to identify professional development topics that target areas in need of improvement.

Thanks to a team of dedicated and specialized staff, the U.S. Regional Center provides SABIS® Network schools in the U.S. with the academic support they need to empower their students and position them for future success. 

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