SABIS® Introduces New Advising Curriculum

Jun 2014 #Academics

In addition to providing students with a strong academic foundation, the SABIS® Educational System helps contribute to the personal development of students. SABIS® seeks to educate students who have high standards of ethical, moral, and civic conduct. A SABIS® education helps ensure that students make informed decisions on social issues, defend their convictions, and positively influence their peers.

Reflecting this commitment, the SABIS® Academic Development Department introduced a new advising curriculum at the beginning of the 2013-14 academic year and is piloting the program in SABIS® member schools in Lebanon. The new curriculum is an interactive program which covers a wide range of topics and themes that are important in students’ daily lives including responsibility, tolerance, citizenship, respect, honesty, compassion, loyalty, and fairness. The curriculum is designed in a manner that helps students acquire the knowledge, skills, and experiences needed to help them face challenges in college and beyond.

“At SABIS®, we strongly believe that it is never too soon to begin creating an awareness about important developmental, personal, social, and civic issues,” said Mr. Ghassan Kansou, SABIS® Vice President – Academic Development. “Starting from Grade 1 and all the way through to Grade 12, students in SABIS® member schools attend advising classes that have been designed and developed in a manner that is appropriate to their age.”

Based on the feedback received from member schools that are piloting the program, the Academic Development Department plans to make final adjustments to the curriculum and then introduce it in SABIS® member schools around the world.

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