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Riyadh Private International School -Al Wadi

Jun 2014 #FeatureSchool
Riyadh Private International School-Al Wadi campus

Located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the Riyadh Private International School-Al Wadi (RPIS-Al Wadi) opened its doors in September 2013 to 300+ students in Kindergarten through Grade 3.   The school, which is located on a new, purpose-built campus, boasts modern sports facilities, an indoor swimming pool, and a tricycle track in addition to several courts equipped with highly-secure play areas for students. The campus also includes state-of-the-art classrooms with interactive whiteboards and science and computer laboratories as well as a cafeteria.

A Second SABIS® Member School in Riyadh

RPIS-Al Wadi is the second SABIS® member school in Riyadh and was established as a result of the high demand for school places at the Riyadh Private International School-Sulaimaniah (RPIS-Sulaimaniah), (formerly Abdul Aziz International School), the first SABIS® member school to operate in the country.  Opening in 1999, RPIS-Sulaimaniah currently serves over 3,000 students in K-12.

Young strudents in class

The decision to open RPIS-Al Wadi came about after careful assessment of the market for school places, specifically places for students in the early primary grade levels.  “The decision to open a second school in the Al Wadi district was made in response to the growing demand from both the local and international communities in the country for the SABIS® Educational System,” remarked Victor Saad, SABIS® Vice President.   “Parents want to enroll their children in a school that has a strong academic foundation, fosters academic achievement, and effectively prepares students for success in school, college, and beyond. In other words, a SABIS® member school.” 

The SABIS® Educational System

RPIS-Al Wadi is a non-selective, private international school that offers a high-quality education to boys and girls from the local and international communities. Like all schools in the global SABIS® School Network, RPIS-Al Wadi implements the SABIS® Educational System, a comprehensive educational program that offers a rigorous, internationally-oriented curriculum and emphasizes the core subjects of English, mathematics, and world languages.

Lasting friendship at RPIS-Al Wadi

Catering to children in Kindergarten through Grade 3, RPIS-Al Wadi implements the full SABIS® Educational System, including cutting-edge technology that has been developed by SABIS® to enhance the learning process.  RPIS-Al Wadi’s students are actively engaged in the learning process.  Periods of instruction are interspersed with break times throughout the day when the young learners can run and play, helping them to focus their attention once classes resume.  Student progress is monitored regularly through the analysis of data generated from computerized testing even for RPIS-Al Wadi’s youngest learners, who are tested using pictures rather than words.   As a result of regular assessment, the school can rapidly identify students’ learning gaps and take the necessary steps to fill them.

Play time at RPIS-Al Wadi

Many reasons encouraged me to enroll my son at RPIS-Al Wadi. I was attracted to the SABIS® Educational System and the regular assessments and continuous follow up which ensure that he does not develop any learning gaps. Moreover, the school focuses on both his academic and social development, and he is acquiring a range of knowledge and skills,” said Ms. Jana Sayadi, parent of a student at RPIS-Al Wadi.

Students learn the joys of reading at RPIS-Al Wadi

Preparing Students for the Future

The SABIS® Educational System implemented at RPIS-Al Wadi successfully prepares students to continue their education at other schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or around the world.   Several families of students completing Grade 3 at RPIS-Al Wadi opt to continue their children’s education at other SABIS® member schools located in Saudi Arabia.  For students whose families are transferred elsewhere, the solid educational foundation they acquired at RPIS-Al Wadi eases their entry into other school systems around the world. 

“Regardless of where students continue their education, the SABIS® Educational System implemented at RPIS-Al Wadi emphasizes a well-balanced body of knowledge, skills, and experiences which provide students with a solid academic foundation that allows them to transfer with ease to other school systems worldwide,” said Mr. Raafat Hatoum, RPIS-Al Wadi School Director.

As demand for quality schools continues to Saudi Arabia continues to increase, SABIS® will be establishing additional member schools in the country.  RPIS-Al Wadi and RPIS-Sulaimaniah will be joined by a third SABIS® member school, the Jeddah Private International School (JPIS) in the fall of 2014. 

To request information about RPIS-Al Wadi, E-mail rpis-sabis@sabis.net. For information about RPIS Sulaimaniah or JPIS, send an E-mail to info@aisriyadh-sabis.net or jpis@sabis.net, respectively.

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