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Published in 2009, the Harvard Business School case study on SABIS® continues to find relevance among audiences of budding entrepreneurs.  In February 2014, author of the SABIS® case study, Daniel Isenberg, presented the case study to a class of students at Columbia University in New York, U.S.A.

Fifty-seven students in the Global Entrepreneurism class, a 5-day intensive elective for students at Columbia and the London Business School, read the case study with the objective of learning that entrepreneurship can occur in multigenerational family businesses, not just startups.  An additional objective of teaching the case study included providing an example of how turning conventional wisdom on its head can lead to a significant, global business opportunity.

SABIS® President, Carl Bistany, was Skyped into the class from Lebanon and was on hand to answer questions from students. “I was honored to participate in the presentation of the case study and pleased to see that the case study’s relevance remains strong five years after it was first published,” commented Mr. Bistany.

Reflecting on the outcome of the class, Isenberg said, “Numerous students were impressed by the fact that through being “contrarian” – that is, doing what others think is worthless or impossible or stupid – significant value, economic and social, can be created.”

SABIS® is among an impressive group of companies like Yahoo, Cisco, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, and General Mills, all of whom have lent their experience to help mold future generations of global business leaders through Harvard case studies.

Individuals wishing to purchase the case study – SABIS® - A Global Educational Venture from Lebanon – can do so via this link: (SABIS® does not collect any revenues from the sales of the case study.)