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Graduates Reap the Benefits of the SAGA University Application Module

Jun 2014 #SabisAlumniGlobalAssociation

In the fall of 2013, the SABIS® Alumni Global Association (SAGA) launched the online SAGA University Application module in an effort to support students at SABIS® member schools in Lebanon in their application process to universities.  The module was designed to simplify the university application process in Lebanon by providing both students and university advisors with an easy-to-follow process complete with checklist and automated reminders.

Through the SAGA University Application module, students who are in the process of applying for university can select from a list of top Lebanese universities and complete an application directly through the module.  After a student has initiated his/her application, the module sends the student’s university advisor an automated E-mail indicating each university’s application requirements. These requirements often include transcripts, recommendations, and personal statements.   The university advisor coordinates with each student to ensure that the necessary student-generated information has been provided and also oversees the sending of all school-related documents to the university admissions office.

With requirements for admission often varying from one university to another, the SAGA University Application module helps ensure that the process goes smoothly for each student and eliminates unnecessary errors or delays in the application process.

Having been used by students preparing to graduate from SABIS® member schools this spring, the SAGA University Application Module has garnered positive feedback.

“The module is very helpful. It makes the whole process easier especially when applying to more than one university. It is very easy to navigate through.” 

-- Kevin Chahwan, Grade 12, SIS-Adma

“The website helps me apply to universities and saved me a lot of time, allowing me to focus on other things.”

 -- Yara Karam, Grade 12, SIS-Adma

“The SAGA University Application module is a multi-functioned application which facilitates easy accessibility to all the relevant information pertaining to university entrance procedures. Students who have used the module have consistently been enthused about its user-friendly format.  ISC-Koura students have been highly impressed by the site and have encouraged other classmates to use it.”  -- Mr. Leon Keet, AQC/Career Guidance Counselor at ISC-Koura.

“Speaking as an educator in one of the most rigorous school systems in Lebanon, I have watched SAGA help our students become more efficient in the use of their time when applying to universities. [The module] does this by allowing general information that is uniform for all university applications to be completed once and sent to multiple universities rather than the student having to fill out the same information multiple times." -- Mr. Fareed N. Halabi, teacher and Career Guidance Counselor at ISC-Choueifat

The SAGA team is planning to expand the geographic scope of the University Application Module in the future. To date, the application supports universities in Lebanon including the American University of Beirut (AUB), the Lebanese American University (LAU), Balamand University, Beirut Arab University (BAU), Haigazian University, and Notre Dame University (NDU).  Plans are underway to add more universities in Lebanon as well as in MENA region.

For further information on the University Application Module, please refer to your school Career Guidance Counselor, AQC, or Office Manager.

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