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SABIS® Supports Staff at New Schools through Comprehensive Training

Oct 2018 #HumanResourcesAndSPDI

SABIS® is committed to the delivery of a consistent, high-quality education to over 70,000 students enrolled in schools throughout its global network. In order to ensure consistency, SABIS® offers comprehensive training to all school staff and teachers. This training is particularly critical for staff in new schools, such as SABIS® International School – Runda (SABIS® Runda).

SABIS® Runda opened its doors for the very first time in September 2018. Naturally, the majority of the administrative and teaching staff were new to the SABIS® Educational System™ and required intensive training, so from August 20 to August 31, 2018, they all participated in a comprehensive training program that was tailored-made by SABIS® to meet the specific needs of the school.

The program covered a wide range of topics including SABIS® Core Purpose and Values, the SABIS Point System® of teaching, the integral role of SABIS Student Life Organization®(SLO®) and the importance of an active (SLO®) in every SABIS® school, the SABIS Academic Monitoring System®, and much more. In addition, staff enjoyed hands-on training on how to use a number of SABIS® proprietary tools such as Interactive Whiteboards and E-books in the classroom.

Beyond technical skills, the two-week training period proved to be the perfect opportunity for teachers and staff to get acquainted before the start of the academic year, set up their classrooms, discover the new campus, and build the team spirit they would need to start the academic year on a high note.

“The two-week training has been very essential to us as teachers. It has prepared us professionally and now we are ready to meet our students in class.”
– Everlyne Were, Swahili Teacher at SABIS® Runda

As a leader in the field of education, SABIS® is fully committed to ensuring that every SABIS® school and member of staff understands and embraces the SABIS® Educational System™. By offering comprehensive training to teachers and staff at new schools, SABIS® ensures the delivery of a consistently high-quality education to all students.

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