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Staying Ahead at the 2018 SABIS® Directors’ Meeting

Oct 2018 #HeadlineNews

Frankfurt, Germany – a global hub for commerce, culture, education, tourism, and transportation, as well as home to the European Central Bank – played host to the 22nd Annual SABIS® Directors’ Meeting. From July 3-5, 2018, close to 100 school directors, senior SABIS® staff, and SABIS® board members met for three days of presentations, meetings, discussions, and breakout sessions under the theme “Staying Ahead.”

Setting the tone for the meetings, SABIS® President Carl Bistany commented: “In a world that is constantly changing, working to stay ahead – of the competition, of innovation, of the known and the unknown – is a necessity […]. This characterizes the world that we live and work in today, and it is also a reflection of the type of world that the students we educate will live and work in. It is our job to keep ourselves ahead and to make sure that our students have the knowledge and skills they need to stay ahead.

It is our job to keep ourselves ahead and to make sure that our students have the knowledge and skills they need to stay ahead. Carl Bistany, SABIS® President  

Throughout the three days, participants engaged in a rich and informative agenda that included topics such as “Staying Ahead in a Changing World,” “The SABIS® System: A Step Ahead,” and “The Critical Importance of Data Protection and Privacy.”

Group photo taken at the 22nd Directors' Meeting held in Frankfurt, Germany

Panels were equally compelling and included discussions on “Ensuring That Schools Stay Ahead,” and “Using Technology to Stay Ahead.” The highlight of the meetings was an alumni panel entitled “Life After SABIS®.” Panelists included three alumni of the ISF International School Frankfurt Rhein-Main, a SABIS® Network School located in Frankfurt, Germany. Dr. Rainer Groh, PhD candidate Angus Lothian, and budding film director Renata Gheller discussed how they felt their SABIS® school had equipped them for life after graduation day and what they believe are key skills that graduates need to get ahead.

“Life After SABIS®” panelists (l. to r.) Renata Gheller, Angus Lothian, and Dr. Rainer Groh

As a global education network that has an active presence in 20 countries on five continents, SABIS® strives to stay ahead by providing students with a consistently top-quality education that gives them the skills they need in an ever-changing world. The 22nd Directors’ Meeting was a productive forum that brought together key members of staff to discuss ideas, exchange views, and prepare for the upcoming academic year.

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