SABIS® Launches New Student E-Learning Tools

Oct 2018 #Academics

SABIS® continuously strives to provide students with new and updated tools to support and improve their learning experience. In line with this commitment, the SABIS® Academic Development Division is working on developing new E-learning tools including web-enhanced and online courses that perfectly blend the latest in educational technology with SABIS®’ proprietary teaching methods.

Web-enhanced material is, by definition, study material that is supported by web-based (or online) technology. The material is designed and developed to complement the learning that takes place in class and includes, among other things, digital, dynamic, computer-correctable questions that give students instant feedback and help them confirm their understanding of concepts. Students can access web-enhanced material through the SABIS® Digital Platform and further develop their knowledge on concepts learned at school.

In addition to web-enhanced material, the SABIS® Academic Development Division is gradually releasing a range of online courses that will be made available to students via the SABIS® Digital Platform. Online courses are full, “self-study” courses that students can take online on their own, at school, or at home. Students can access the SABIS® online courses and study using material that has been developed by SABIS® and using the teaching methodology that they are familiar with.

Students can access SABIS® E-learning tools from home and at their own convenience

Some of the online courses that are available this academic year (2018-19) include IGCSE Business Studies, IGCSE Economics, AP® Microeconomics, AP® Arabic, Middle School Web Development and HTML, and JavaScript Programming, to name a few. A wider range of courses including AP® Environmental Science, AP® Psychology, AP® Human Geography, “Ace the SAT,” and American Poetry will be rolled out over the next several terms. These online courses will be available to students who wish to study on their own, take additional courses in areas and subjects they are interested in, or as an option to study in lieu of courses they may have opted out of in school.

With the advancement in technology, we are continuously looking into new and innovative ways to make learning readily available and as modern as possible,” explained Elie Gemayel, Associate Director of Academic Development. “Both web-enhanced and online courses are the product of our ongoing research and development strategies that aim to make sure that students in SABIS® schools are getting an outstanding education that is supported and driven by technology.”

Watch for news about further developments in this area!

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