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A Fresh Beginning for New Schools in the Network

Oct 2018 #HeadlineNews

The first day of school, regardless of a student’s age, gender, or geographic location, is one filled with anticipation and, for many, the odd tear and sniffle. This feeling of anticipation is often compounded when it is an entirely new school.

Well aware of this, both the SABIS® International School – Runda in Kenya, which opened its doors for the first time on September 3, 2018, and Cadmus International School – Duhok, which opened on September 2, went to great lengths to make the first day of school a joyful and memorable experience for all.

“My first day of school was great. I made a lot of new friends and that's what I like about my new school.”
SABIS® Runda Grade 6 student

SABIS® Runda students ease into their first day of school with some fun photos

In Nairobi, Kenya, SABIS® International School – Runda students were welcomed to their new school by the school director and then spent some time having their photos taken with their new friends and classmates. They also received a gift bag that included popcorn and other delicious treats before being guided to their classrooms by their teachers.

In Duhok, Kurdistan, when the Cadmus International School – Duhok, a concept by SABIS®, opened its doors for the first time, staff were prepared to make students’ first day memorable and enjoyable. The students had fun taking pictures with their new friends, playing, participating in races, and making their handprints with paint.

“On my first day of school, we played lots of games and made friends with the other students. I’m very excited to be at Cadmus International School, and I can’t wait for all of the amazing things we will do in the future.”
– Cadmus Duhok Grade 4 student

New students at Cadmus International School – Duhok, a concept by SABIS®, are welcomed to their new school

Across the network, many schools, like SABIS® International School – Runda and Cadmus International School — Duhok, made sure that students’ first day would be a positive start to the 2018-19 academic year.

Check out this slideshow for a compilation of photos taken from different SABIS® schools around the world. We wish all our students a year filled with fun, achievement, and success!


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