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The Importance of Securing Our Data

Jul 2018 #InformationTechnology

Data at SABIS® is recognized as an important corporate asset that needs to be safeguarded, as data drives the organization and the learning process in SABIS® Network schools. The SABIS® IT Department has always been committed to protecting this data through multiple layers of IT security hardware and software to ensure that it is well protected at all times and that security solutions run 24/7.

At SABIS®, data security measures ensure that confidentiality, integrity, and availability are maintained throughout the data life cycle. An appropriate security level is assigned to data according to its state and classification. Data, including personal data, needs to be protected when at rest, in use, or in motion. It is classified into these main categories: public, internal, confidential, and sensitive.

Through user awareness programs and a security strategy developed by SABIS® to detect, analyze, and handle security incidents with diligence and promptness, the organization is able to protect against any security breaches and minimize their impact on the network and safeguard data. Also in place are other technical and operational security countermeasures such as:

  • Enforcing the use of strong passwords to gain access to all SABIS® Network resources
  • Controlling user access to the SABIS® data network and services by giving different access levels based on user roles
  • Maintaining endpoint protection to detect and minimize malicious attacks
  • Updating programs and systems regularly to ensure they are protected from any known vulnerabilities
  • Securing laptops and mobile devices by installing encryption and password-protection software
  • Performing regular backups to ensure business continuity  
  • Developing policies and procedures by following the requirements of the Information Security Management
  • System ISO 27001 and enforcing its compliance
  • Applying a Breach Management Program to minimize the impact of a potential breach and prevent recurrence
  • Implementing a Vulnerability Management Program to identify, assess, and repair existing known vulnerabilities
  • Sending regular penetration tests to evaluate the security weaknesses and the employment of defenses
  • Monitoring and detecting malicious activities through a centralized event log analyzer

As the threat of security breaches continues to evolve and grow at a high rate, protecting data can be extremely challenging due to the complexity of system networks and the sheer amount of data. Through adopting proven data protection practices, SABIS® aims to minimize the risks associated with data loss and ensure complete data recovery if necessary, while keeping its security front solid and agile.

As a data-driven organization, data management and security have become increasingly crucial to SABIS®. In a time when data loss can occur for various reasons including hardware or system malfunctions, human error, software corruption, computer viruses and malware, and natural disasters, among others, the SABIS® IT Department is committed to continuing efforts to safeguard the network’s data.

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