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The SABIS® SAGA App: An Up-to-Date Alumni Relations Platform

Mar 2018 #SabisAlumniGlobalAssociation

The SABIS® Global Alumni Association (SAGA) is an association that connects SABIS® graduates from around the world and offers opportunities for socializing, networking, and career growth. SAGA objectives include providing graduates a platform to maintain ties to their respective schools and building new ties to SABIS® graduates from other schools.

In its most recent efforts to create a dynamic, global forum that provides opportunities to connect with one another, SAGA has designed a new mobile app. The new app, which can be downloaded through both Apple and Android app stores, includes a variety of features for alumni to enjoy on the go.

The new SABIS® SAGA App available for download now!

By downloading the SABIS® SAGA App, SABIS® alumni are able to get the latest news and event updates, connect with other members, join groups with shared interests, participate in group chats, and share pictures, as well as locate other SAGA members nearby! The SABIS® SAGA app connects all users in the same way other social media platforms do. Each user has their own profile and is able to search for other users, connect through a messaging system, and invite friends to join interest groups and events.

To date, SAGA has close to 12,000 registered members worldwide and is growing rapidly. By creating this new, modern, and effective space for members, SAGA is taking alumni relations to the next level.

To learn more about SAGA, go to or follow SAGA on Facebook at

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