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State-of-the-Art Studio Ensures Exceptional Online Learning Experience

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The SABIS® Professional Development Institute (SPDI) is dedicated to the promotion of teaching techniques and competencies and to ensuring that all SABIS® students receive the same, top-quality education across the network. To facilitate this, SPDI has established a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) video studio in Adma, Lebanon.

The VLE video studio is fully equipped with state-of-the-art video and audio equipment that will allow SPDI to create highquality training videos to be uploaded onto the VLE. The studio will be used to create classroom simulation training videos for new and returning teachers on SABIS® classroom management techniques, how to teach using the SABIS® Educational System™, and how to teach specific learning points in the classroom. Projects that are currently underway include teacher training and classroom simulation videos. The studio is specifically designed to look like a typical SABIS® classroom. It is equipped with desks, chairs, bulletin boards, an interactive whiteboard, and a teacher’s desk and chair.

Looking ahead, SPDI is planning to develop a pop-up studio that can be transported from school to school and used to supply schools in the Gulf and U.S. regions with their own video content. This will allow SABIS® teachers throughout the network to share their knowledge and skills.

Editing team ensures that all classroom simulations are top-quality before being posted on the VLE

SPDI is committed to providing uniform training materials to ensure schools in the SABIS® network stay up-to-date and consistent in the quality of education provided across borders. The training videos produced in the studio will strengthen the SABIS® Network and enable schools to provide an outstanding education that helps prepare students for a changing world.

SABIS® invests in state-of-the-art studio to ensure an exceptional professional development experience 

If you are teacher in a SABIS® Network school and would like to access the SABIS® Virtual Learning Environment, visit


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