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SLO® Job Fairs Introduce Students to the SLO®

Mar 2018 #SabisStudentLifeOrganization

The SABIS Student Life Organization® (SLO®) is an integral part of the SABIS® Educational System™ and plays an important role in contributing to a positive educational experience for all students. Every year, SLO® prefects organize job fairs to introduce students to the organization’s eight departments – Academic, Discipline, Management, Sports & Health, Activities, Outreach, Lower School, Social Responsibility – and encourage them to apply for a position.

Students at SABIS® International Charter School signing up for SLO® clubs

This academic year, SLO® job fairs were popular throughout the SABIS® Network. SLO® prefects began planning for these fairs by gathering supplies to create promotional material for display in booths representing each department. At the job fairs, prefects at each booth explained the specific role of the department and its importance in the day-to-day running of the school. In addition to giving interested students the chance to learn more about each department, the job fairs also give students the opportunity to sign up for positions of interest.

Watch this video that the International School of Choueifat − Choueifat shared with us from their SLO® Job Fair:


Being a member of the SLO® allows students to develop academic, managerial, organizational, and leadership skills in addition to forming circles of lasting friendships. Through SLO®, students acquire and refine skills that give them an edge in college and throughout life and assist them in becoming active, conscientious, and community-minded members.

To learn more about the enriching programs, events, and opportunities that are available to students through SLO®, visit If you would like to find out more about SLO® in SABIS® schools in the U.S., Latin America, and Europe, follow us on For schools in MENA and Asia, follow


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