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Classes of 2017 Accepted at Top Universities

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SABIS® schools around the world – in the U.S., Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East – give their students an education that helps them develop a solid foundation of knowledge and skills in preparation for the next phase of their education. With such strong, competitive skills, it is no surprise that graduates from the Class of 2017 were accepted to many of the world’s top colleges and universities.

Class of 2017 graduates from SIS-Adma ready for the next chapter in their lives


In the early summer of 2017, SABIS® Network schools graduated over 1,700 students from close to 30 network schools. These students earned acceptances to 551 different colleges and universities in 47 countries around the world. Even more impressive is that 110 of the world’s top 200 universities as identified by the U.K. Times Educational Supplement accepted 2017 SABIS® graduates. These top-tier universities include McGill University and The University of British Columbia in Canada; Boston University, Cornell University, Harvard University, and Johns Hopkins University in the U.S.; University of St. Andrews, University of Cambridge, and University College London in the U.K.; Heidelberg University and Technische  Universität München in Germany; Maastricht University in The Netherlands; University of Otago in New Zealand; The University of Sydney in Australia; and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in Korea.

Having gained acceptance to well-reputed universities and colleges, SABIS® 2017 alumni can actively expand on the foundation they built in school and position themselves to achieve future success. We wish our graduates all the best and are proud that they are part of the SABIS® family. 

If you would like to read more about our successful alumni, read the Alumni in the Spotlight article in this issue. To download the full list of SABIS® 2017 university offers and acceptances, visit http://sab.is/TJQI2B.


55% of the world’s top 200 universities accepted SABIS® 2017 graduates. See full list here



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