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There is no point in attempting to sugar-coat the fact that there are no shortcuts to learning. Cutting corners, trying to beat the system, cheating, and lying will simply not allow children to get very far in life. And it certainly doesn’t work at school. Students need to understand that to do well in school, they have to pay attention, study, and keep at it.

This mindset is best instilled during the early years of education, Kindergarten and Grade 1, when students are learning good habits and a positive approach to learning. At this age, children discover the joys of learning and most of them love their school, teachers, and friends. Bad habits tend to form later on in school, when things start to get more challenging.

That is why staff in all SABIS® schools focus on teaching students that you can’t succeed in school unless you really try and that to make real progress, rather than “pretend” progress, you have to put in the work and remain focused and disciplined.

Students are taught that cheating is not only stupid, but dangerous. Would you like to be in an airplane that is being flown by a captain who cheated his way through school? How would you feel if the surgeon performing a life-saving operation cheated her way through medical school?  These are simple questions that help explain how cheating can be really dangerous.

In short, learning is a personal accomplishment, a private success that makes all the effort worthwhile. When students succeed in learning something challenging, they know they have done well. They are confident that they are capable and are prepared to succeed in college and life. And they know that they didn’t cut any corners along the way…That is the SABIS® way.