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COVID-19 has put Education Technology (EdTech) on the fast track, changing the way teaching and learning is taking place worldwide. As of 2021, there has been a bigger focus on EdTech trends and the expectations from schools has shifted dramatically, with parents looking for schools that can provide their children with access to a top-quality education in-person and online.

EdTech integrates technology into education with the aim of building enhanced teaching/learning experiences that result in higher learning outcomes. The top trends include, but are not limited to, accessibility to education, real-time E-learning, interactive learning content, online assessments, data-driven insights, Artificial Intelligence, and learning analytics.

SABIS® has long understood that EdTech is essential to providing students with a modern, top-quality education that prepares them for a digital future. Our EdTech is designed in-house and is tailored to the needs of our students and teachers.

Today, SABIS® students in all grade levels have access to an engaging real-time E-learning environment and a variety of digital content including E-books, online courses, On-Demand Tutoring videos, interactive animations, and various online assessment types and practice quizzes accessed from SABIS® Digital Platform anywhere and at any time. SABIS® classrooms are also equipped with the interactive boards and an Interactive Learning System (ILS) that streamlines the learning process by connecting students and teachers through digital devices in the classroom.

Taking it one step further, SABIS® is currently developing a personalized adaptive learning system, SABIS® PAL, which offers each student a tailored learning experience. Using advanced, artificially intelligent algorithms, the system is able to customize content depending on individual student’s capabilities. As a result, SABIS® PAL effectively increases student mastery on course learning points while challenging students at just the right level.

As technology continues to become an essential part of education, the entire learning and teaching process has evolved to provide students with more access to education.