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In the summer of 2019, SABIS® organized the PPP Summer Academy in Lebanon for teachers from SABIS® publicprivate partnership (PPP) schools in Kurdistan. Twenty-four (24) teachers from Fakhir Mergasori International School, Sarwaran International School, Sardam International School, Zakho International School, Soran International School, Kalar International School, and Suleimaniah International School participated in the academy.

From June 23 - July 12, 2019, English and math teachers took part in an extensive training period that included interactive and informative sessions. New and returning teachers participated in an intensive English course developed to improve their level of fluency and gain confidence in the classroom. Participants were then divided and each group was given specific training related to the material they taught. Math teachers were trained on the proper use of SABIS® flip charts and Interactive White Boards (IWB) and were given technical training on algebra, ratios, geometry, and other math topics. They also had the opportunity to refine their presentation skills through the delivery of sample lessons to their co-workers. As for the English teachers, their training covered oral and written phonics, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and other topics related to the English language. Sessions also focused on the effective identification of learning points, and the implementation of the SABIS Point System®.

During their 3-week training period, teachers stayed at the International School of Choueifat – Choueifat in Lebanon and benefited from the opportunity to visit places of historical importance, tour the capital city of Beirut, and taste authentic Lebanese food. 

The PPP Summer Academy served as a refresher for returning teachers and a foundation of skills and knowledge for new teachers. After the academy, teachers return to their schools well-equipped to provide students in SABIS® PPP schools in Kurdistan with an enhanced learning experience. 

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