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Dec 2019 #AlumniInTheSpotlight

This year, the International Academy of Flint (IAF), a SABIS® public charter school located in Michigan, U.S., is celebrating its 20th anniversary. To mark the occasion, the school planned a number of events, which you can read about here.  Additionally, IAF released a number of success stories that they shared with the community. Here are a few:

Crystle Simpson, Class of 2005

“I am a 2005 graduate of the International Academy of Flint. I enrolled when the school opened in 1999 as a 7th grader and I was one of 11 graduates of the 2nd IAF graduating class in 2005. I was accepted into Kettering University for Management. I became a coop student and began my career with General Motors. Currently, I am a Lean Material Strategies (LMS) Plant Lead for the GM - Fort Wayne Assembly Plant in Indiana where I am responsible for all LMS activities in the Fort Wayne Assembly plant. I will celebrate 7 years of service in May of this year. 

I am from an IAF family. My brother […] graduated in 2012, my mother […] served on the Board of Directors, and my father […] served as JV Girls Basketball Coach for a time. Our family are true believers of the SABIS® Educational System™. The most important skill that I took away from IAF was how to be a leader. I was a part of the SABIS Student Life Organization® (SLO®) for my entire IAF career, eventually serving as Head Prefect. I learned how to lead, delegate, listen, and challenge students around me. This has been a huge asset in my career as a supervisor. IAF gave us the opportunity to be in charge of our school experience, which we did with gusto. I approach every aspect of my life the same way.”

Marcus Herring, Class of 2014

“My parents enrolled me at International Academy of Flint as a Kindergartner in the fall of 2000 where I stayed until I graduated in 2014.

Life for me after graduating IAF has been extremely busy and very rewarding. Two months after graduating from IAF, I packed my bags and moved to Mount Pleasant, where I attended Central Michigan University and obtained two degrees in public relations and communications with a minor in broadcast and cinematic arts. In addition to being very involved on campus, I also gained experience by working various jobs.  Although working two jobs in college was a challenge, it all paid off when I received an offer to move to Los Angeles to serve as a public relations intern for The Pollack PR and Marketing Group. 

IAF helped me make the transition from high school to college/ adult life in many ways. However, my biggest takeaway would be time management. Although I didn’t realize it then, the intensive SABIS® curriculum would give me the upper hand over many of my peers in college when it came to test taking and prioritizing my free time.”

Stacie Worst, Class of 2005

“I was one the first students to attend IAF. I enrolled as a 7th grader and graduated in 2005. After graduating from IAF, I attended Mott Community College and earned a nursing degree. After receiving my RN license, I worked at a rehab center, an inpatient hospice home, and I am currently employed at a well-known hospital where I have received certifications in multiple levels and specialties of care. 

I’m so grateful that I was able to attend IAF. The school encouraged us to be true leaders, whether in the classroom or in SLO®. In addition, the Student Life Training Conference we attended also developed our leadership and team-building skills.”

Monique Lewis, Class of 2011

“I attended IAF from Grade 7 to Grade 12.  I graduated in 2011. Since graduating IAF, I have completed my undergrad at Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. I am currently working on my master’s degree in program evaluation at Michigan State University. I also work as an admissions representative at a career training college locally in Lansing. 

The most important skill/trait I took away from IAF is how to be a team player. Being involved in many organizations while I attended IAF such as SABIS Student Life Organization® and the National Honor Society has helped me learn how to work well in teams and work well with others. I also learned a lot about how to be an effective leader. Both those qualities have allowed me to be successful in my academia as well as my career.”

Christopher Collins, Class of 2007

"I enrolled at IAF in 2001 and graduated in 2007.

After graduating, I attended Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU) and obtained a bachelor's degree in exercise science in 2013. During my final year at SVSU, I was hired to work at the International Academy of Saginaw - another SABIS® Network school - in the Student Management Department. In the summer of 2015, I accepted my current job as Community School Director for the Crim Fitness Foundation here in the city of Flint, Michigan. I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in athletic administration from Ohio University and anticipate graduating in December 2018.

The most important thing I learned at IAF came as a result of the relationships I built with classmates, staff, support staff, and school leaders. In hindsight, they were such an amazing support group for me and helped push me to achieve goals that I didn't know were possible. Positive relationships made me want to be at school, and that is exactly what I promote in the role I currently serve."

For more stories about IAF alumni, please visit, iaf.sabis.net.


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