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New Residence Hall for SABIS® Runda

Dec 2019 #HeadlineNews

SABIS® International School – Runda (SABIS® Runda) is located on a 20-acre, state-of-the-art campus and is the first SABIS® school to operate out of West Africa. SABIS® Runda provides students in Nairobi with the perfect setting to explore their talents, develop their interests, and discover their dreams. Today, SABIS® Runda is proud to announce the latest expansion to their campus, a new, purpose-built, residential hall.

A SABIS® Runda boarder settles down with a good book in her dorm

The new residential hall offers students the option to study and live on campus, a welcome solution for students who live far away or whose families spend a lot of time traveling. The facility opened its doors at the start of the 2019-2020 academic year and can accommodate up to 70 boarding students.

“Boarding is lots of fun. I am learning how to make my own decisions and plan my schedule.”  
– Jack Owino, Grade 7

Students who choose to stay at the residential hall benefit from the comfortable and safe accommodation the school provides. Residence hall supervisors, also known as house parents, who live on site with the boarding students, create a welcoming, safe, and supportive community. Additional safety features include biometric entrances, CCTV cameras, and, of course, fire alarms. 

“Boarding is a new experience for me since am not used to being by myself. I enjoy it and have the best house parents.” 
– Gabriella Nyanja, Grade 6

More than just being a safe space for students, the residence hall offers common rooms where students spend their leisure time. Common rooms are equipped with games, kitchen appliances, and television sets. The building also has access to wireless Internet available to the students to use for studying and communicating with their families. 

Throughout the year, SABIS® Runda boarding students will participate in a number of events to ensure that they feel a strong sense of belonging.  As this can be a student’s first experience living away from home, SABIS® Runda aims to do everything it can to ensure that the experience is a happy one. 

As the second school in the network to offer boarding facilities to students – The International School of Minnesota in the U.S. also has a residence hall – SABIS® Runda is looking forward to offering more students in the region the opportunity to be part of the global community present at the school and is committed to helping them achieve academic success. To learn more about SABIS® Runda, visit sabisrunda.sabis.net or follow them on Facebook

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