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SABIS® Global Leadership Conference Focuses on Leadership

Dec 2019 #HeadlineNews
Group photo taken at the 2019 SABIS® Global Leadership Conference  

The SABIS® Global Leadership Conference, formerly known as the SABIS® Directors’ Meeting, was hosted this year in the historical city of Kiev, Ukraine.  Close to 100 members of SABIS® senior staff in key positions across the network gathered for a 3-day conference from July 4 to 6, 2019, under the theme Leadership with a Focus. 

The 2019 SABIS® Global Leadership Conference is in fact the 23rd annual meeting to take place, but the first under its new name. The change was made so that the name of the conference is a more accurate reflection of all those who take part in it. Attendees were not only directors of SABIS® schools, but also included individuals who play a leadership role in SABIS® regional centers and corporate offices. 

This year, Leadership with a Focus was chosen as the theme of the conference due to the vital role that leaders play in ensuring the consistent implementation of the SABIS® system. Throughout the conference, participants learned and discussed the essential role that a leader plays, from being a role model and engaging in proactive communication, to building strong teams focused on ensuring the best education for students across the network. Feedback from participants was extremely positive. 

“Participating in the conference for the first time provided me with a deeper understanding of how all individuals in the network work together to support the success of our students and staff. […] I learned a lot about the qualities that make effective leaders, and I am looking forward to using this knowledge in my role.”  Rabih Boualwan, Deputy Regional Operations Manager at SABIS® 

“My first Global Leadership Conference exceeded all my expectations. I enjoyed interacting with so many experienced peers from around the globe and collaborating toward the shared SABIS® vision. I approach the new academic year feeling invigorated and valued.”  Jodi Young, Deputy Director, International School of Choueifat – Muscat, Oman

“This year’s theme helped me focus on what is important to me as a leader for Collegiate and the SABIS® organization – I cannot have one without the other.  I am laser-focused on serving students and the mission of SABIS® at Collegiate.” Dr. Laurie Hodgdon, School Director, Collegiate Charter School of Lowell, U.S. 

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