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Every year, various departments within SABIS® Educational Services (SES) in Lebanon offer internship programs to university students who demonstrate strong potential. This summer, the internship program offered 20 students and recent university graduates the opportunity to gain field experience in the Creative Design, IT, and Academic Development departments.

For the SES IT Department, an updated and revised internship program has proven to be extremely successful. “In order to meet the particular demands of our department, we adopted a different approach to the internship program,” explained Mr. Elie Dagher, Director-Software Development at SES. “It was a win-win situation. Fresh graduates from reputable universities across the country were given the opportunity to experience real-life working conditions. For SABIS® IT, it was a good opportunity to introduce the graduates to our internal processes and provide them with additional training with a view of offering identified candidates full-term employment at SES,” Mr. Dagher explained. “With a considerable number of vacancies to fill and the need for top-notch computer science experts and engineers at an all-time high, we felt that this was a great opportunity to gauge the candidates’ level of knowledge and expertise and select those who were best suited for the job.”

With this new objective set, the IT Department worked on developing a new training program that would help identify strong candidates for employment at SES. “We designed and developed a tailor-made program that included training on various software applications as well as hands-on experience working on real projects and tasks,” said Mr. Salim Fayad, Project Manager-Software Development. “This was the best way to identify the strongest candidates in the group.”

Mr. Elie Ghazal, one of the interns who is now employed full-time at SES as a junior software developer, felt ready to take on his position thanks to the new training program. “The training I received and the tasks I was given as an intern prepared me for my first real job. My assigned mentor spent a lot of time with me and shared a lot of his knowledge and expertise with me. This helped me a lot in the initial period at SABIS®.”

On a whole, we are very pleased with the outcome of the new and revised program,” said Mr. Fayad. “The candidates this year were motivated and mature. In fact, three of the seven interns have been offered full-term employment within the IT Department. This is a great result.”

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