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Nestled in the mountains of Mount Lebanon, in the village of El-Mtein, the Leila C. Saad SABIS® School El-Metn is one of the first tuition-free, private schools for low-income families in Lebanon. The school opened in 2012 with an initial enrollment of just 20 students. Today, the Leila C. Saad SABIS® School El-Metn educates 330 students in KG2 through Grade 12, many of whom have had little or no access to formal schooling.

Online Learning During COVID-19

Unlike many students in tuition-free and public schools in Lebanon and around the world, students at the Leila C. Saad SABIS® School El-Metn benefitted from a successful online learning from home experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is thanks to their access to tablets and all SABIS® E-learning solutions that were available to them.

From their homes, students in Kindergarten through Grade 12 logged on every morning to the SABIS® Digital Platform from their tablets or computers to check their daily and weekly plans, detailed schedules, and download any assigned material.

In their daily routine, they attended “virtual classrooms” with their teachers, in real time. The sessions were also recorded allowing them to go back and watch again should they need to go over any material.  In the afternoons, students participated in live Q&A sessions to make sure that they mastered all concepts. To ensure that the learning was in fact taking place, they took regular assessments and quizzes, and their performance was closely monitored and followed-up by their teachers and the school administration to make sure that nobody fell behind.

Meet the Class of 2020

Unsurprisingly, and despite the unprecedented circumstances of their senior year, students of the Class of 2020 were able to complete their academic year without a hitch and gain acceptance to the universities of their choice!

The six graduates were accepted at the Lebanese University, the Lebanese American University (LAU), and the American University of Science and Technology (AUST) to pursue degrees in a number of majors including medicine, physical therapy, computer science, mechatronics (engineering), and biology.

"I came to SABIS® without knowing how to read or write in Arabic.  By the time I graduated, I had learned enough in order write to a university with no mistakes.  What I have taken from the SLO®, like vital leadership skills and self-confidence, will help me face the future challenges in life.  I hope to come back one day just to remember the good times." - Michaella El Biry

"From day one at SABIS®, I felt deep inside me that this school will lighten the path which will enable me to pursue my dreams.  SABIS® offered me the knowledge and the high academic standards which will help me face anything without fear or hesitation. Also, SABIS®, through the SLO, built up my self-confidence.  As I leave this school, I take with me the unforgettable memories and the first steps of achieving my dreams." - Moufida Barbouj

"My experience at SABIS® was one of a kind.  This school not only offered us high academic skills, but also various activities and clubs to express our talents.  SABIS® equipped me enough to face the obstacles of life and to stand strong in my community.  This school provided me with remarkable memories that I will cherish forever." - Nizar El Kontar

" My experience at SABIS® gave me the education and knowledge needed to face life's challenges.  I will never forget the supportive and loving teachers who positively influenced my mindset and helped me believe in myself." - Mira Al Awar

"I have spent 6 years at SABIS® where I met friends and teachers with whom I made good memories.  I also had so much fun being a part of the student life organization.  Thanks to SABIS®, I know have what it takes to pursue life with all of its challenges." - Rita Bou Akl

"My days at school were the best.  I met new friends and teachers who helped me see life in a better perspective.  I learned from this school to never be ashamed of mistakes, because if one does not make mistakes, he/she will not progress and learn.  We gain knowledge from learning from our mistakes and knowing how to avoid repeating them.  I will always be grateful for what I learned and what I still have to learn." - Anthony Riachy

Michaella, Moufida, Nizar, Mira, Rita, and Anthony are now part of a successful alumni that includes the first cohort of Leila C. Saad School graduates (Class of 2019), all of whom gained acceptance to top universities in Lebanon, with one graduate opting to travel to the U.S. to pursue his studies. 

We wish the Leila C. Saad SABIS® School El-Metn Class of 2020 the best of luck!

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