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As a data-driven organization, SABIS® is continuously gathering and mining data at all levels of the organization in order to support senior school staff, regional centers, and corporate staff in their decision-making process.

At a school level, data is gathered on a variety of topics, such as exam results and attendance, in order to improve students’ academic performances and intervene before any knowledge gaps are formed. Likewise, at our regional centers located around the world, a team of professionals is responsible for analyzing data at an overall school and subject level, comparing results from various schools in the region. This allows the center to identify potential issues in a particular school(s) in order to be addressed and resolved immediately.  Additionally, at a corporate level, SABIS® collates and analyzes data to assess the overall academic performances and successes of the network as a whole, and to facilitate the supporting and streamlining of continuous product, operational, and business improvements.

Currently, SABIS® is also harnessing the power of business intelligence software in its analytics to provide schools and regional centers with an additional layer of support that complements the procedures that are already in place. Data is shared in an interactive way, through grids, charts, and trend patterns and provides access to high-level and detailed statistics.

Ultimately, the objective of capitalizing on the wealth of data collected by SABIS® is to make reliable information and digital insights available to schools to improve student performance and ensure they reach their full potential.