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There is no doubt that online learning has been a challenge for some students. While many seem to adapt effortlessly to instruction in a virtual environment, others are not quite so comfortable. And until such times as students are able to return to on-campus, in-person learning that better suits their needs, schools around the network are offering additional academic support to those who are struggling.  

This additional support is provided by school staff and teachers as well as the SABIS® Student Life Organization Academic Department.  

For example, at the Leila C. Saad SABIS® School El-Metn in Lebanon, additional academic support is taking place in the form of daily online Q&A sessions.  Every day, after virtual classes are over, students can attend additional sessions in the core subjects of English, math, Arabic, and science. During the sessions, students can ask their teachers questions about what was covered in an earlier online session and teachers will repeat and re-explain the concepts.

In the U.S., SABIS® Charter schools are also providing their students with additional academic support. This support includes teacher-led tutoring days; mandatory tutoring sessions; breakout rooms in TEAMS to offer additional explanations; after school, weekend, and vacation tutoring opportunities; and Saturday Power Study sessions, amongst other initiatives.  

In parallel with the support extended by the school, the SLO® Academic Department is also playing an essential role during distance learning, mainly in the form of peer tutoring. Students who excel in certain subjects dedicate time to helping their friends, or peers, in grasping the material.

This is happening in most schools around the network, but check out this video from The International School of Choueifat in Amman, Jordan.


If you would like to find out more about additional academic support for your child during the pandemic, please contact your local School Administration.