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In every subject and at every grade level, the SABIS® approach provides students with a strong foundation of knowledge and a mastery of essential concepts that enable future learning. Central to this approach is the role of testing and assessment to determine what students are actually learning and intervene before any gaps are formed.

However, when schools closed down during the COVID-19 pandemic, and students shifted to online learning, it was imperative that SABIS® schools continue to assess and test students on a regular basis to ensure that students continued to benefit from these regular reality checks that allow for additional support whenever needed.

This was achieved thanks to the existing IT infrastructure that uses the latest trends in technology alongside the SABIS® Digital Platform, the SABIS® Integrated Learning System, and a wide range of other in-house digital solutions. As a result, SABIS® students have been able to efficiently access their online classes and take regular assessments while teachers have been able to obtain a comprehensive insight into students’ mastery of concepts taught and knowledge acquired, helping them determine the best option for follow-up and support.

SABIS® pedagogies and testing systems form a central part of the SABIS® Educational System™, which aims to transform students into responsible, independent learners who are inquisitive, knowledgeable, and motivated. As this is core to SABIS® and with our advanced technical capabilities, SABIS® was able to introduce online exams so that all students are assessed while ensuring effectiveness and that learning is achieved. In numbers, during the month of November, we had a total of 22,030 online exams,” commented Mr. Serge Bakhos, Group Vice President – Information Technology and Digital Publishing.

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