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SAGA Website Launches New Careers Module

Sep 2014 #SabisAlumniGlobalAssociation

Since the launch of its new design in April 2014, the SABIS® Alumni Global Association (SAGA) website has continued to introduce new modules and services designed to meet the needs of its growing membership. The latest feature to be introduced to the site is SAGA Careers, a module to assist members in their job search.

The SAGA Careers module originated out of a commitment to facilitate SAGA members’ search for jobs in today’s increasingly competitive job market. The module currently includes open positions in schools across the SABIS® School Network as well as in all of the three, independent SABIS® corporate headquarters in the U.S., Lebanon, and the U.A.E. Additionally, SAGA members can sign in to the site and post information about available positions in their organizations.

“SAGA Careers offers opportunities both within the global SABIS® School Network and elsewhere,” explained Dr. Zahi Ramadan, SABIS® Operations Director - Higher Education. “As a fast-growing organization and school network, SABIS® always has new opportunities that open up and there is a great value added to hiring individuals who have knowledge of the SABIS® Educational System. Beyond that, SAGA members have access to a wealth of information about job opportunities outside of SABIS®.”

The SAGA Careers module was officially launched in July 2014 and is available to all SAGA members. To access the module, log on to  and click on the SAGA Careers tab.

Link to professional opportunities now available through SAGA website
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