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SABIS® Signs Licensing Agreement with Vernare Learning

Sep 2014 #HeadlineNews

SABIS® recently signed a licensing agreement with Vernare Learning, a new Charter School Management Organization that will manage a network of schools throughout the state of Missouri in the U.S. With a focus on academic excellence, Vernare Learning aims to operate green campuses that are designed to reduce the ecological footprint and provide healthy learning and play spaces.

Under its licensing agreement, Vernare Schools will be “Powered by SABIS®” and implement the SABIS® Educational System, a college-preparatory model with over 128 years of success in educating K-12 students.

Vernare Learning is pleased to be collaborating with SABIS®,” said Amber Simpson, CEO & Founder of Vernare Learning. SABIS®s proven track record, tried and tested teaching methods, and challenging curriculum are the perfect match for the Vernare network of schools.”

Vernare Learning joins other U.S. schools that have partnered with SABIS® under a licensing agreement. The SABIS® Licensing Program includes rigorous, Common Core-aligned curricula, a comprehensive book series, proven teaching methodologies, an effective assessment system, teacher-support materials, innovative educational software, and ongoing access to educational experts.

“Our licensing program is designed to provide an effective, scalable solution to dedicated educators who want to make a difference and help students to reach their full potential,” commented Mr. Ayham Ayche, SABIS® Manager – Business Development, who oversees licensing.  “Through a research-driven, college-preparatory curruiculum and the implementation of engaging teaching methodologies, students are fully equipped to meet the challenges of a changing world.”

Vernare Learning is set to open its first school in the state of Missouri in the 2016-17 academic year and has plans to launch additional schools throughout the state of Missouri.

For more information about licensing the SABIS® Educational System, visit licensing.sabis.net. For more information about Vernare Learning, visit www.vernarelearning.org.  

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